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17 May



With each session, you’re going to spend around 70-80 per cent of your time paddling, if not more. So why not lock down a few exercises to help raise your paddle game?

Magicseaweed has teamed up with Cris Mills aka Surf Strength Coach, bringing you a fresh training series that focuses on improving your surfing.
Cris is the man when it comes down to building up your surf fitness. Increasing your strength, endurance and power may seem the obvious key to improving you paddling but how many of us actually train for it? Even if you’re in the water multiple times a week, the next flat spell could be right around the corner, and then’s the perfect time to get some of these exercises in. We’ll drop one of these per month, in the meantime, sit back, digest and practise all Cris has to say in the above video.