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14 Aug

Beach pollution awarness

In addition to its 1st class surf spots, Taghazout in Morocco has also one of the most stunning coastlines….wild, long, raw, rocky and sandy, most of these kilometers long beaches untapped.
Picture yourself going for a surf, coming back laying on the sand, setting a camp for the day with your friends, taking a walk or simply going to watch the sunset on the beach surrounded by pure wilderness…How dreamy!
However, reality everywhere around the world is becoming very different and battling plastic and litters has now become a social trend.
Laying your towel or sitting somewhere without having to clear up empty cans, packaging, cigarette stubs or worst seems normal.
Worst of all, all these human generated waste are front row to end up in the ocean, intoxicating it badly.
Rubbish has already taken over some of the most beautiful spots around the planet and this will be a long lasting stain in nature and wildlife.

It’s for us, you, me, ocean and beach lovers to start taking our responsibilities and finally show our beautiful planet some respect.

Here at Sunshine Surf Morocco we take this matter very seriously and we are relentlessly working on trying to bring awareness in the local community and organising actions. So in order to carry on raising consciousness, we have put together a few tips to help the cause no matter where in the world your sandy feet are :

• Check around your spot, umbrella, before leaving the beach so the place stays same as you found it or even cleaner.
• If you know you’re going to camp for the day, bring a garbage disposal with you, take your litter back home in your bag, your coolbox, your car, to the nearest garbage or the nearest shop or restaurant. Worst case we all have hands.
• Cigarette buds do not turn magically into sand grains so remember to take your old ciggy back with you.
• If you’re road tripping and need to use the outdoor toilets, make sure you’re not leaving your used toilet roll or sanitary items behind. Take it back in a bag with you to closest the garbage.
• Stop using disposable plastic (cutlery, straw, bottles…) as much as possible – Think reusable. And you will quickly realise that not only you stop destroying the planet but you are also saving money.
• Food leftovers or peels are less toxic but still, seriously who likes to sit on an old bit of sandwich or banana peel…

And for those who feel like adding a little more, here’s how you can take it to the next level:
• Staying at the beach or just taking a walk ? Pick up any litter you spot along the way – Remember take three for the sea.
• Stay tuned and join one of the local beach clean ups program by checking our Instagram or Facebook page.

Best is that all these tiny accessible (and free) gestures, are good for the earth but also for your karma 🙂

So maybe if we all start taking action now, eventually we will see the difference and let the beauty of a litter free beach unravel again!

Credit photo // Sonia ZieglerNordic Wake Girls