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30 Nov

Surf – 10 Stages of Catching Barrels

For most people catching their first barrel can be daunting however this is possibly one of the most fun manoeuvres when pulled off.
Frontside seems to be the popular choice for most as its usually the more confident stance, as you can avoid the spray going in your face blinding your line of sight and you can use the body of the wave if you need a little help with balancing.
Below we are going to walk you through the 10 Stages of catching barrels:

  1. Make sure you have enough speed to get down the wave and through the barrel before it closes out. It is really important to paddle fast and efficiently.
  2. Usually when the wave barrels the take off is steeper, you will feel the wave picking up the back of the board so be ready to pop up fast, crouch and then drop in shallow. Pull in your bottom turn in and keep the board tightly-angled.
  3. Once you are inside the barrel stay centre aligned.
  4. Stay above the foam as its hard to move on, It will either slow you down and get you closed out, or throw your line off and loose the wave.
  5. Keep your back straight in line and knees bent. Inside the tube, there’s not a lot to much room to manoeuvre, use your toes and ankles to pump and keep up the speed.
  6. Keep your eyes on end of the tube. If it starts to look small or tight, I pump for speed. Watching the top of the edge of the wave can give you a good idea of what the wave is doing.
  7. The wave will naturally close off and it can suddenly happen, so having a plan in mind on your exit is a good idea.
  8. Riding out of a barrel is a little different to open wave, you have less room for movement. The most popular exit is to dive straight forward and bring in a sharp turn under the wave.
  9. The best conditions for barrels are usually offshore winds and a shallower depth of water.
  10. Now pick up your board and go get barrelled!

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